Torched Timber, a Publishing Company?

My name is Joey Deutsch and I am the owner of Torched Timber.

I created Torched Timber in the Fall of 2016 to help my customers express their personal stories and patriotism through our custom-made art that they can proudly display in their homes.

Now this may sound strange, but you can actually thin of Torched Timber as a publishing company. But instead of using a traditional pen and paper to publish our customers' stories like other companies, we use wood. We produce hand-crafted flags, using flame distressed wood to provide our customers with an exceptional product allowing them to share their stories about what the flag means to them.

Our flags are not just pieces of wood to hang on a wall; they are symbols of years and decades of stories and memories proudly being displayed.

Torched Timber allows customers to display their past and share it with others who see the Torched Timber flag.

From adding a Thin Red or Blue line to your flag, or engraving a name, military assignments or years of service; Torched Timber can tell your story behind the flag.

We care about the stories behind the flag and want to make every customer experience exceptional. We are a small company that is owner and operated by a Firefighter/Paramedic. Our entire family pitches in to help make each flag.

Our family is helping your family tell your story behind the flag.

Allow us to be the publishers for your story.

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