About Us

We all have a story to tell, but sometimes finding the right words to say isn’t always easy. With so much pride, delight, sorrow and sentimental feelings built into one very long journey, how could we be expected to know exactly what to say? Sometimes the best way to do that is through art. Art that symbolizes a great story and captures the emotion that words alone often cannot.


We know that everyone has a story and we want to help that story be told. Being owned and operated by a firefighter/paramedic in Carroll County, Maryland we understand just how important it is to say the right words to those who matter most. To those who give so much and ask so little in return.


At Torched Timber, our mission is to create well crafted, beautiful flags and signs that tell the stories of those they honor. Our flags and signs are more than just pieces of wood that hang on a wall; they are symbols of years, decades, and generations worth of stories and memories.


What started out as a one-time project, quickly turned into something much more valuable. In 2016 we made one flag as a gift but that one flag garnered a lot of attention and soon we were making flags to honor many people. We’ve had the privilege of making flags and signs to honor firefighters, police officers, veterans, retirees and many more.


Whether you are telling a story to honor a loved one or putting your pride on display, each of our flags and signs are handmade to order and use a special charred wood finish that creates a unique look. Each piece can be customized and made to order with words, logos or designs that are important to you to help you tell your story.