How are the flags shipped?

  • Flags are shipped either Fedex Ground or USPS.

What are the standard dimensions of the flags?

            -United States Flags

                        - Small 13"x25"

                        - Medium 16"x30"

                        - Large 19"x36"

            -State Flags

                        - Small 12"x18"

                        - Large 20"x30"

What is the difference between engraved stars and 3D stars?

            -Engraved Stars are flush with the wood. They are created by removing the charred area to make the star.

            - 3D stars are raised from the surface and the union is recessed from the stripes to give the flag a unique look.

Can I have the flags customized?

            - Yes. Medium and Large size flags can be customized to your request. Some of the options that are available are engraved letters in the stripes, 3D letters and letters in the thin red or thin blue lines. You can find pictures of these flags under the Customize tab at the top of the page.

What is the processing time?

            - Normal processing time is 3-4 weeks. Please allow more time if requesting a custom order.

Can I request a custom order?

            - Yes. We welcome custom orders. Please feel free to contact us at torchedtimber@gmail.com with any request.