Ohio State Flag - Torched Timber
Ohio State Flag - Torched Timber

Ohio State Flag

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Your flag is hand made to order which gives each flag a unique characteristic, and no two flags will be the exact same. We start off by cutting the wood into the pendent shape and then add each color to the flag.

Each color on the flag represents a piece of Ohio. The blue triangular field represents the hills and valleys, red and white stripes represents the roads and waterways, while the white circle with red center forms on “O” for Ohio and is related to the states nickname, Buckeye State.

The 13 stars the surround the circle of the flag represent the 13 original colonies. Since Ohio was the 17th state to enter the union, 4 stars are added to the apex to make the total number of stars 17.

The Ohio state flag was designed by John Eisemann and adopted in 1902. The flag has an unique design which is officially called a burgee.

 If you want to stand out and be the center piece of the room, then selected the 3D option. The stars and the red circle will be raised from the wood.

 Your flag ships ready to be hung on the wall of your house and makes the perfect gift for someone who loves a rustic look.

Size: 20"x32"

Custom flags, signs and patches are available, please contact for further information.

Ships between 2-3 weeks.